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M U S I C   C A T A L O G

S E L E C T E D   C O M P O S I T I O N S

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** indicates a commissioned work

UE  published & distributed by Universal Edition

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Music for Orchestra

Commedia Suite  (2014) 

Winter Music  (2014)

>> Interlude for Strings  (2010) **

Time Flying : movement for orchestra  (2007/8) **

A Traveler’s Tales : suite for orchestra  (2006, rev. 2021) 

Flavors of Desire : ballet score  (1996)

Circle Dance : suite for piano and orchestra  (1990)

Solovolo  (1990)

>> Laughter in Excelsis : concert overture  (1987, rev. 2018) **

Music for

Chamber Ensembles

Tales After Midnight : quintet for violin, viola, cello, bass and piano  (2017) 

Los Bufones Mini-Suite : for violin, cello and piano (2017)

Circus : string quintet  (2015)

Three : suite for violin and piano  (2015)

>> Three Dances : septet for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, vln, vla, vc, piano  (2013)

>> Five Pieces of the Puzzle : suite for oboe, clarinet, vln, vla, vc, bass, piano  (2009)

Water Over Stones : suite for piano and cello  (2008)

Bouquet : suite for piano and violin  (2008)

Second Quintet : for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano  (2005)

The Embrace of a Full Moon (Quintet for Strings) : 3 violins, viola, cello  (2005)

Rivers at Sunset : suite for piano, vln, cello  (2004)

Jeux d'Antan : quintet for flute, clarinet, pno, vln, cello  (1990)

Piano Trio in E : piano, vln, cello  (1989)

Wild Geese : suite for alto flute, guitar, vln, cello  (1989)

>> Brocadillos : suite for harp and guitar  (1987) **

>> Tangos de Santa Fe : suite for guitar, English horn and flute  (1986)

Vocal Music

           LANGUAGE KEY  

                    EN  English

                    FR  French

                    GK  Greek

                    HB  Hebrew

                    L      Latin

                    SK  Sanskrit

                    SP  Spanish

Terrea Gloria : movement from suite for orchestra, chorus and soloists  (2019)  L, SP

       Text: from Bernard de Cluny (De Contemptu Mundi), Hildegard of Bingen, Santa Teresa de Jesus,

         San Juan de la Cruz

El Adon : movement from suite for orchestra, chorus and soloists  (2019)  HB

       Text: from Hebrew mystical texts (2nd C. BCE – 9th C.) and Psalm 92

Mosaïque : lyric suite for baritone and chamber octet  (2018)   FR

       Text: selected poems of Benjamin Fondane (1898–1944)

        Instruments: flute/piccolo, alto recorder, Bb clarinet, harp, accordion, viola, cello, double bass

A la luna : suite for soprano, oboe, violin, viola and cello  (2016) **   SP

       Text: poem 'A la luna' by Rosalía de Castro (1837–1885)

>> Los Bufones : cosita in two acts, based on the Velázquez portraits of dwarfs

   and jesters at the court of Felipe IV (operatic song cycle for the theatre) (2016) SP

       Original text by the composer; Spanish translation by María Cristina López

       Six vocalists, piano, violin and cello

Milonga : aria for voice, cello and piano  (2015)   EN

        Text by the composer, set to the first movement of the chamber suite Water Over Stones

>> Pan Resurrected : suite for soloists, chorus and orchestra  (2006)   GK, SK, HB

       Text from several centuries of Greek poetry, a Hebrew hymn, and from the Bhagavad Gita

>> Matapolvos : suite for soprano, English horn, viola and cello  (2005)   SP

       Text: selections from El Siglo del Viento (Century of the Wind) by Eduardo Galeano

Arabesco : suite for soprano, oboe and string quintet  (1990, rev. 2005)   FR

       Text: Arabic and Persian poems of the 8th–14th centuries, in French translation

Osaka Farewell : opera, based on the Noh play Semimaru by Zeami  (2004)  EN

       Text adapted by the composer; 4 vocalists, male chorus, chamber orchestra

>> Queen of the Night : opera, based on Baron von Leisenbohg's Destiny by Arthur Schnitzler 

        —premiere 2001, Paris; revision 2007, Santa Fe   EN

       Text adapted by the composer; 4 vocalists, violin, cello, clarinet and piano

Barbary Keep : opera comique, libretto by William Wesbrooks and Ron Strauss

       —produced in 2001, New York University   EN

Piano Music


Interludes  (2020)

Songs at End of Empire  (2020)

Miscellany 2  (2020)

Miscellany 1  (2020)

The Light From Distant Stars  (2017)

Invisible Bridges  (2015)

Time Vault  (2002) 

    anthology containing —

        Private Collection


        Souls in Search of Bodies

Feux d'Hiver  (1988)

Sketches for Nils  (1983)

Commedia (1978)

The Student Variations  (1978)

four hands

Brocadillos  (2005)

Commedia  (2002)

Tales of the Magicians  (1978)

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